Corporate Networking Setup Solution Provider


J2Now providing innovative network solutions, through a series of network technology, can help SMEs to improve operational efficiency, with limited time to create higher value.

Through the use of the company's intranet, corporate departments and their colleagues not only can share resources more quickly, but also provide an central computer storage system for easily prepare daily backup.

Wireless and wired network solutions

Setup wireless and wired network cable in the office to become local area network. All company's computer can share the same printer/scanner/fax machine/multi-function printer and therefore can increase the efficiency and productivity:-

Network Plan
  1. Let you and your employees share files/documents.
  2. Let you and your employees to share the printer.
  3. Let you and your employees to share fax machines.
  4. Let you and your employees to share scanner.
  5. Let you and your employees using central database.
  6. Let you and your employees to share Internet boardband.

VPN Virtual Private Network

VPN or virtual private network technology allows remote users to securely connect with company resources, or companies to connect to offices, over the Internet.

A VPN provides the highest possible level of security through encryption and authentication technologies that protect data traversing the VPN from unauthorized access.

You can take advantage of the easy-to-provision Internet infrastructure to quickly add new sites or users, dramatically increasing the reach of your networks without significantly expanding infrastructure.


VPN suitable for :
  1. For customer who owns more than one office or branch.
  2. For customer who often need to connect the office from outside.
  3. For customer who often need to connect the office from home.
The advantages that VPN can attract large commercial and industrial customers:
  1. Can be effective, quick connect multiple office, home and mobile workers.
  2. Can always change the security level of services to meet different application requirements.


A comprehensive plan is need before setup the local area network, we can design the most suitable network based on your company situation, and after setup the local are network, we will run a rigorous tests to ensure that the future normal operation and for the future expansion or upgrade to save the extra cost.

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