IT Outsourcing -

Corporate Computer System Management

We provide IT technical support outsourcing service for the company that there are no I.T. Department exist in their company and they need a team of professional technican to take care of their computer system, network and security management in their office.

As most of the management & maintence jobs are being provide by our IT Outsourcing support teams, the company can saving much of the money for maintence and training their own I.T. staffs.

As our IT technicans are specializing in Linux servers set up, Company who deploy Linux Server in the main office not only reduce the total cost of ownership by purchase software licenses fee (Linux is GNU Software), but also can reduce the windows's computer virus attack ratio.

So we provide Linux server management technology services to our customers to make their computer system more stable and secure.

In addition, apart from providing one-stop services for our customers, we also provide regular security information about using computers in order to strengthen the company's internal computer data security and confidentiality. Those service can't compare with the emergency onsit repair service.

  1. Replace Windows Server by Linux Server or Install an additional Linux Server in order to provide more Client Windows Desktop support in the office without the need to buy additional client licenses for your Windows Server.
  2. Installation and configure of Web Proxy and Virus Filter Gateway to protect windows desktop company
  3. Installation and configure of Printer Server in order to share computer printer and multifunction copiers like Fuji-Xerox in the company.
  4. Installation and configure of Fax server in order to forward incoming fax to specified email mailboxs and shared folders in the company computer server.
  5. Installation and configure of "VPN network" tunnel in order to provide an encrypted method for employee to connect back to company computer server while working at outside.
  6. Remote backup customer service data by using internet or apply data encryption using "VPN network"
  7. Recommeded our customer to use open source and free software based on their the nature of company and to reduce unnecessary software expense in the future.
  8. We provide 24/7 free telephone technical support and remote management server technical support

Linux Server Setup Service

By purchase Linux server from us, we will first help customer to install and configure. The default configure will be as a file server so that it can plug & play in customer office after delivery.

We will provide one year remote managment technical support for all of our Linux server free of charge.

Customers can choose Dell, IBM or assembled computers, and all Linux servers systems will be tested by our professional engineers to assure that there are 100% fully functional before shipping to customer office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for free quotation.