Linux Website Hosting

A stable web hosting service is rely on a very stable server system. As compared with the other operating system, Linux update the system vulnerablitities is faster so we use Linux as a web hosting platform to provide high-performance, high reliability service to our customers.

We even offer one-stop service by providing setup their web server, upload files to the client website and routine maintence work, in order to help customers using their web service within a minute.

  1. "0" Setup for our Customer as we provide after-sales service like setup of email account, file(s) upload, configure of server, etc.
  2. Web and email space are freely adjustable with each other.
  3. Unlimited web site traffice and base on fair use principles.
  4. Support minimum of three sub-domain
  5. Free Web-to-Email Form
  6. TLS Email Encryption.
  7. Support Large Email Size.
  8. Free unlimited email forwarding.
  9. Free spam filtering for incoming mail.
  10. Free email virus protection for blocking virus spread via e-mail.
  11. Customer do not need any settings before using our email spam & virus protection.
  12. We accept customer provided email list so that we can help our customer to setup their own black-list & white list spam filter.
  13. We also welcome customer forward spam email to our system update our database in order to immediately block the spam mail.
  14. We using Double-layer filtering to provide a more precise to intercepted with spam mail while white list non-spam mail not be filtered.
  15. In addition to POP3 and IMAP login service, we also offers Webmail for easy check email outside of office
  16. Provide "Send-To-Boss" outgoing e-mail surveillance system that will automatically make backups of all outgoing e-mail, then transmitted to the user pre-define mailbox at a monitor and to protect the interest of the company.
  17. Web and e-mail data backup every day, plus free data recovery (3 days of data).
  18. 14 days money-back guarantee plan.